Living in North Carolina, we get to enjoy the four seasons.   Sure we joke about being in flip flops one day, then wearing long johns and winter coats the next, but for the most part, the weather marches to the tune of Mother Nature, and

The news has been filled with stories of sexual abuse, and it seems every day there’s a new accusation.  Having written THE EDUCATION OF DIXIE DUPREE, it only seems fitting I should say something.  Actually, I feel compelled to speak out about it.  Here are

Wallis Ann has always watched over her older sister Laci, who is mute, yet musically gifted.  In today’s terms she would be classified as autistic.  Back in those days, the term idiot savant was used, which did not set well at all with Momma Stamper. 

By nature, I am a creature of habit.  I go to bed about the same time every night, and get up about the same time every morning.  Consider this; I have cleaned my house every Thursday for decades – no matter what – yes, even

First love.  Do you remember yours?  I remember mine.  He was a junior in high school.  I was a sophomore.  He was part of the “cool” crowd, not the popular football, cheerleader, member of various different clubs sort of crowd, but still very well liked

When writing a story about suffering, hardship and deprivation, there needs to be a balance of good with bad, or readers will be slap worn out (and as the writer, so would I) if it was all negative, with nothing good happening.  I love, love,

Because parts in this story deal with a traveling show, I had to do some research to understand their way of life and in doing so, I ran across a few phrases I thought lended an air of authenticity.  One was “forty miler.”  This meant

How many times have you ever had something bothering you and someone says, “What’s the matter, you look worried.”  I’m no poker faced poker player, let me tell you.  Lying was not my forte growing up. My mother was able to draw a confession right

It has been a bit bizarre to me, the circumstances for the weather this fall and the timing of my latest book, with its share of weather related suffering.  Evacuate is more or less what the Stampers had to do.  Then what?  Last week they

When I was about seven, an uncle of mine who lived in Michigan talked about jobs my dad could have given his experience as a mechanic.  He said he’d be snatched up by any one of the big three automakers up there.  According to this

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