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the forgiving kind by Donna Everhart
First Sentence Friday – Chapter 5
THE FORGIVING KIND is set in 1955, when the United States was settling into a post-war era, and consumers were
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First Sentence Friday – Chapter 4
When I was doing the event hosted by Main Street Books the other day, a reader told me how one small
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First Sentence Friday – Chapter 3 and COVER REVEAL!
This week, along with the Chapter 3 post, I have revealed the cover for THE FORGIVING KIND.  I was going
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First Sentence Fridays – Chapter 2
I’ve had various incidents in my life that can’t be explained. On a trip to Maine one summer, my family
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Here We Go – First Sentence Fridays! Chapter 1
Hello all! Welcome back to First Sentence Fridays!  I’m excited I’m doing this again for the third book, THE FORGIVING
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Review of TREEBORNE, by Caleb Johnson
I read and review for the New York Journal of Books.  Recently I requested TREEBORNE by Caleb Johnson.  It released
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Gearing Up for . . . First Sentence Fridays!
Yes, it’s true! First Sentence Fridays start for my third book, THE FORGIVING KIND on June 8th – that’s only
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Words of Wisdom You Thought You’d Never Say
I have loved reading all the Mother’s Day tributes out on social media.  A common trend this year is talking
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The Pretty One, by Pam Tillis, Song for THE ROAD TO BITTERSWEET, Trio 2018
Pam Tillis is the singer/songwriter for THE ROAD TO BITTERSWEET, one of the many talented authors, artists and singer/songwriters who
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Book Talk Memphis!
Back in February when I was in Mississippi to do a book event at Square Books, I also had the
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How My Trio Exhibit Art Was Created
To say I fell in love with the artwork produced for THE ROAD TO BITTERSWEET’s Trio 2018 exhibit doesn’t really describe
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I’ve certainly had my share of fun going to my book events, but you know the old saying, a picture
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