People tell their life story in a variety of ways these days, most of it out on the internet for all of us to gawk at, comment on, or shake our heads over.  But is it the truth?  Are we really the shiny, happy people

Today, this is dedicated to Kiwi.   I’ll be back to blogging about writing in the next post. We watched you change, almost overnight.  We thought you missed your sister, the little one we’d just let go two weeks before.  We noticed how you, our outdoor


Is This You?

You love… Solitude.  The time to focus.   Incredible moments of clarity.  Inspiration from others.   A great idea.   Stories of success.   Good advice.  Following blogs to learn more from others on the same path.  Writing partner/s.  Being compared.  Beta readers.  Followers.  A completed

If you follow agent blogs, you may already know about Janet Reid. If you’re not familiar with her, she not only does the blog thing, she also provides help with query letters via the infamous Query Shark.  The Query Shark in of itself is

No one’s had to call 9-1-1 yet on my behalf, but I’ve had a few close calls lately that could have ended badly.  I’ve vowed to myself, no, make that sworn, crossed my heart, pinkie promised with my right hand to my left, to be


On The Edge

We’ve all seen them.  People who perform those death defying stunts with ease, with the nonchalant attitude of someone taking a stroll in their friendly neighborhood, or laying about in a chaise lounge sipping lemonade. You’d think the idea of walking across a high wire

My next post will be about writing, but today, I’m dedicating this post to Bella.  It’s been 365 days. In the beginning, when it was all so fresh, so raw, I tried to look ahead.  I tried to put myself into this place where I

It’s about to get ugly. I’m writing this latest draft and the good news is, I feel like I’ve nailed my antagonist.   I’ve set him up to be a true villain, a sociopath with tidbits of dark history scattered about in his chapter, information I

It’s the same thing day in and day out.  I really don’t mind, not one bit.  Matter of fact, if something happens, I get antsy, become a clock watcher, wondering when I can retreat back to my hidey hole, yet not look like a clod.

I thought I would share what was put out on Shelf Awareness Pro this morning.  Shelf Awareness comes to me via email, so I don’t have a link, but here is text (copy/pasted) about the “leak” of J.K. Rowling’s pseudonym: London law firm Russells Solicitors