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What I’ve Learned So Far
Since I embarked on the novel idea of writing a novel (yes, there’s a smile in that obvious pun), I
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Refilling the Writing Reservoir – This One’s For You
I’ve only been posting about once a month, but I felt compelled to do one today based on some recent
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Less Is More …and A Thought About Rejections
My BLOG is WAY over due – but suffice it to say – I was busy with revisions on the
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One Million Bad Words
In my last post, I talked about the fact that aspiring writers are told “you have to write one million
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How To Get Around The Block
I’m no expert but I’ve read, heard, and now I’ve seen for myself that every writer experiences the horrible, dreaded
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New Editor Feedback and Beta Readers Too
My ride on Cloud Nine just pit stopped by the house so I could post this blog.  As I wrote
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Reality Check’s In the Email
I was fortunate to find a savvy editor when I submitted the original draft of my first manuscript back in
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I Don’t Want To Be A Writer…I Want To Be A Storyteller
Like many others it seems, I too am writing a book, or at least attempting to write one.  I read just the
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