Because parts in this story deal with a traveling show, I had to do some research to understand their way of life and in doing so, I ran across a few phrases I thought lended an air of authenticity.  One was “forty miler.”  This meant

How many times have you ever had something bothering you and someone says, “What’s the matter, you look worried.”  I’m no poker faced poker player, let me tell you.  Lying was not my forte growing up. My mother was able to draw a confession right

It has been a bit bizarre to me, the circumstances for the weather this fall and the timing of my latest book, with its share of weather related suffering.  Evacuate is more or less what the Stampers had to do.  Then what?  Last week they

When I was about seven, an uncle of mine who lived in Michigan talked about jobs my dad could have given his experience as a mechanic.  He said he’d be snatched up by any one of the big three automakers up there.  According to this

Unbelievably, we are at the half-way point for the First Sentence Friday for THE ROAD TO BITTERSWEET! When crafting stories, writers are told to use all their senses.  This is a part of writing I enjoy because it’s always interesting and fun (and challenging!) to

The Stampers have dealt with flooding, the destruction of their home, and find themselves in a real struggle for survival with very little.  Now there’s about to be another change in the weather, which brought to mind Hurricane Sandy in the northeast in late October,

As Texas and Louisiana (where I will be in two weeks!) sort out and prioritize recovery efforts from the hateful, horrendous Hurricane Harvey, I have watched the humanitarian efforts with awe.  Everyday heroes risking their own lives to save others.  Peace and love to them

I’ve never owned a horse, but I’ve got friends who have them, and therefore, I’ve ridden a few.  Here are a couple little stories about my experiences on horseback – which really have nothing to do with BITTERSWEET except for using the experience when writing

While writing this book, I had to dig deep to try and picture living in a situation where you have access to…not much.  Food for instance.  In the Stamper’s situation, other than what they could grow, hunt, and kill or scavenge, this was the only

I’ve watched commercials on TV where they show one of those nice bathtubs you can step in, shut a door, and let it fill up, targeted towards the elderly, or perhaps individuals who have difficulty lifting their legs, or with balance issues, etc.  One particular

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