I posted this on my blog in November of 2014.  Considering all that I’m seeing, watching and hearing, I thought it might be worthwhile to dredge it up and post again.  I’ve become sort of…what’s the word, disenchanted? Dismayed? Disillusioned?  Assume what you will after

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m addicted to Janet Reid’s flash fiction contests.  They’re fun.  They’re great practice for learning how to use words sparingly while building a story, which must include a beginning, middle, end.  They give you a sense of accomplishment – yay

Last week I was at Mom’s house, where I’ve been going once a week now since Dad died.  Of course I take Little Dog with me. I mean, what person in their right mind would/could leave this little guy behind? He loves to visit her. 


New Toys

A while back I wrote a post called “I LOVE MY LAPTOP.”  And I do.  Or, make that did.  Much like that car insurance commercial where the young girl talks about her car which she fondly calls Brad.  “I love Brad,” she claims.  Two boyfriends,


Me and Mom

Since my father passed March third, I’ve been making a weekly trip to Raleigh to help Mom with everything from estate finances to dragging her trash and recycle bins to the curb.  Before my father’s death, I’d always made an effort to go see the

Blank.  Vacant.  Meaningless. Those three words describe the current situation with my latest WIP.  This will be the fourth book I’ve written – if I ever get it done.  I felt like this with the last one too, and I did finish it, so yay,


World Of Spam

Having a blog inevitably means having to clean out spam.  Just this morning I spent about fifteen minutes deleting crazy comments.  I hadn’t done it in a while so I had well over 100.  Some made me laugh and I thought I’d share a few


Corn Maze

Something’s got to give, or this is going to be one long, hot summer.  I said this last year when my editor rejected my first 100 pages. I don’t mind hot, or the fact that it’s summer, but I sure would like to spend it

The average human has approximately 30,000 thoughts a day.  A lot of clutter.  Like food processing, where produce is assorted on a mass conveyor belt, the good pieces are kept, while the damaged, useless, or non-standard pieces get shoved off into a disposal bin.  Similarly,

The goal is closer.   I am over 71,000 words with the latest work in progress.  The book needs to come in around 90,000, give or take a couple thousand words.  This is generally speaking.  We know there are rule breakers out there, but like this