Some of you may remember my post a few weeks ago titled “Blue Ridge.”  In the comments area of that post, the BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY DAILY (BRPD),  http://www.blueridgeparkwaydaily.com/ ,a new online website that provides information on Blue Ridge Parkway events, news, photography, maps and other area interests, invited me to contribute a story.

I was happy to do so.  As you could tell from that previous post, I love visiting the area.  My second book, THE REDEMPTION OF TRUITT AMES (which has not been on submission – yet!) takes place in an area known as Lost Cove, a ghost town in Appalachia that borders right on the Tennessee/North Carolina line.

The story I contributed to BRPD is somewhat different than my usual style of writing, and by that, I mean it needed to be “family friendly,” for the site to be able to post.  I couldn’t have any abuse, or have someone die in a violent way, or use any cuss words.   I had to be on my best behavior – and it was refreshing!  The BRPD has approximately 3,000 email subscribers, and the story was sent directly to them on Thursday.  They also have a Facebook page and the story was featured there as well.

Last time I looked, there were 94 likes on my little tale – so far!

So, if you care to read it, here is A FISH STORY (apologies for the long link – but it does work!  I need someone to educate me on how to paste a link properly)


I hope you like it!

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