Big Rig

Five thousand words.  Ninety thousand to go, but who’s counting?

It seems I’m finally settling into the beginning of this new story.  Months ago, I decided on a setting and a working title.  Now, with the other project waiting in the wings, this is a welcome distraction.  The last book was doggone hard to write.  I’ve been trying to take the ole “lessons learned,” with that one so I can prevent any future, “I’m freaking out!” comments made at random to those who asked.  And by that I mean I’d like to have some idea of where the heck this new thing is headed.  My previous work, (A BLACK WATER SEASON) was sort of like driving an eighteen wheeler in a blizzard at times.  There were days on end I just couldn’t see where to go.  So there I sat with the big rig, engine rumbling,  mashing on the gas and grinding the gears.  That is, if I even thought it safe to yank out of park.  Many days, I saw nothing ahead but whiteout conditions and can I tell you, that storm came and went on a regular basis.

I’d prefer not to take that route again.  Despite that, I can’t, I repeat, can’t bring myself to complete an outline – at least not a full outline.  I’ve done that and for me, it was a waste of time.  Oh, sure, while I’m working on my beginning chapter I’ll sit and think about what scenes should happen next, like how I should get from A to B, but, beyond that? A, B, C, D –> Z?  No.  Even the thought makes me hyperventilate.  I wasted a lot of time doing this before and by the time I got to what I’d outlined for chapter six, I’d already changed stuff so much, the big rig was plowing a new road across the snow drifts and had landed onto Route something or other.

Anyway.  I’ve been spawning ideas for the new story, only to toss them out the next day.  After several false starts since the holidays ended, yesterday my brain suddenly caught fire and I was able to lay down 1,500 new words. The collective five thousand words I have are not a cohesive start to finish beginning.  Actually, after about page seven, it’s sketchy at best.  Still, I won’t delete them just yet because you know how we writers like to hoard our little darlings until we have to axe them.  I’m excited about the possibilities and where the ideas might take me with this particular story.  I have a lot of fodder for future use already, a more organic growth than what seemed to happen in the previous project.

For now, the main character’s backstory is coming together.  I know what she does for a living (something unique!), where her mother is in her life , where her father isn’t, and same with her brother.  I’ve yet to introduce any other characters, or the antagonist.  Some part of me hopes this will ultimately be a surprise.  I’m aiming for the reader thinking it’s this person, and it’s really that person.

I’m also aiming for dark and creepy.  Like this:

Bad Moon RisingAnd this:



And this:

Dark Hwy


After a day of writing this story, must remember to watch comedy at night.

How are you doing with your latest project?

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