Change Of Scenery

Heaven help me, but I seem to have developed a very ridiculously annoying eye twitch.  It’s the lower lid of my right eye and every time it starts up I feel as if the entire world can see it.  I’m whining about it because it’s come and gone for the past several months, and I’m waiting for it to just be gone – as in permanently.  I’ve heard other people suffering from tight shoulders, headaches, back strain, or even stiff legs from sitting so long, but no one, I mean no one ever brings up the old twitching eye.

It’s bothersome enough that I looked it up on Dr. Google.  Good grief.  Who knew such a minor issue would have such a plethora of causes.  Some of them listed on the site linked above are:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of sleep
  • Maybe caffeine (who knows?  They don’t say how much – and mine is limited to two cups of coffee a day)
  • Maybe alcohol (again, no idea b/c that’s limited to something like a beer per day – wow, big party animal I am)

On another site, which seems less dramatic as far as possible reasons, I believe I’ve found the cause of mine.  Eye strain.

I don’t  know how many hours you spend staring at the “box,” (as my husband calls it) but I’d be willing to bet I’m on this thing my laptop at least 8-9 hours a day.  From the time I get up, and get my first cup of coffee, usually around 6:30 a.m., to the time I force myself to stop tinkering around, which is typically about 7:00 p.m., I’m staring at this screen.  Yes, this one, the one I’m looking at right now.  No eye twitching – yet.

There’s this link off of the site above which talks about Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS.  There’s such a thing as that?  I guess so.

Some days my lower lid jumping around is so worrisome, I feel like Sargent Carter, from Gomer Pyle.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with that popular show from back in the day, Gomer Pyle (played by Jim Nabors) would aggravate the Sarge with his simple, straightforward, logical way of thinking – which frustrated the Sarge to no end.  Like once in training, Gomer was supposed to be practicing to “kill” the enemy – which was a buddy in his platoon named Duke.  “But, Sarge, I cain’t hardly think of doing that, Duke’s my frayund.”  Many episodes ended with the Sarge’s eye twitching uncontrollably, and dramatically while the “canned” audience laughter went on and on.


So, here I sit, a little twitchy and a little bemused.  On the other hand, my little physical tic tells me I need to take more breaks.  That’s hard sometimes, when you have a goal you’re working towards.  I’ve received some feedback on my latest WIP, but while I’m waiting on the rest – which I don’t expect until maybe end of August or early September, I’m plotting and scheming in several directions.  Maybe I’ll shut this down, and take it outside, work on a notepad, away from the bright screen. Maybe I need a change of scenery.

While I’m half-heartedly joking about this miniscule thing caused by an overuse of technology, I’m also considering the news this past week, the tragedies and losses, the never ending stream of worldly woes.  And, I’m thinking of a change of scenery, a break from another “box,” too.  What would happen if I didn’t turn that on for a while?  I wonder it it would open up my mind, make me less inclined to worry and dwell on issues of the human race?

Have you ever felt like simply disconnecting from all of it?









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