First Sentence Friday!

Before my brother and I learned to drive, we used to ride the bus to school.  Occasionally Mom would work out a ride situation with our neighbor, Mrs. Spears.  One week Mom would take us along with Mrs. Spear’s son, Mike, and the next week, Mrs. Spears would do it.  We preferred rides like this versus the bus, which was always loud, crowded and stuffy.  Sometimes you didn’t get a seat if you were at the end of the route, which we usually were since we lived only a couple miles from the school. That meant we might have to stand.  Whenever I had to do that, I felt so conspicuous, like the ugly red pimple on prom night.

Dixie and her brother, AJ, are no different.


“Uncle Ray had made it his job to take us to and from school, and despite my nervousness around him, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I’d see him standing by his car in the afternoons.”

the education of dixie dupree

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