First Sentence Friday!

It seems the world can’t sleep nowadays.  How many of you out there suffer from regular insomnia?

I’m really lucky.  I’ve had bad spells of it, usually when things are a little topsy-turvy in my world, but for the most part?  I lie down, I go to sleep.  There were times in the past when I recollect lying awake at night, flip flopping in the bed, thinking about how I might have said something a different way, or done something a little differently, and mostly wishing for do over.  The glaring red numbers from my bedside clock seem to glow brighter and bigger as time goes on during nights like this.

When you’re worried enough to lose sleep, there’s nothing you can do other than to try and meet problems head on, or simply move on, and hope for the best.  Some children are the sort who won’t tell you what’s bothering them.  Or maybe can’t tell you.  They might lie awake worrying, but for them living in an adult world, sometimes their only option is hoping for the best.


I couldn’t sleep. 

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