First Sentence Fridays – Chapter 26

the forgiving kind by Donna Everhart
What sort circumstances would make you unable to eat? What would affect you to the point of feeling physically ill at the idea of it?

For me, losing “the girls,” Bella and Kiwi was one of those times. They both developed Stage IV kidney disease and we had to make that tough decision for the both of them in the summer of 2012. I was devastated, so heartbroken I could barely function. (unexpectedly they both became sick because of jerky treats, and some of you reading this might remember it. It’s a LONG, awful and sad story I won’t go into here)

Losing my father was another one. He was having one of his better days when this picture was taken. He too, had kidney disease, Stage IV. He opted not to do dialysis and I know he suffered greatly during the last year of his life. Once he was gone, I think the combination of relief his battle was over and my sadness at the fact I’d never see him again, or hear him say “Dino’s on the phone!” (nickname) rendered me incapable of eating for some time.

I have concluded for me, loss of those I love as well as arguing puts me into a state of emotional turmoil, and the idea of eating? No.

There is an intimate connection between the brain and the gut, and studies have proven it. Like this article states, it’s the reason we describe certain life events as “gut wrenching,” or that we perhaps get “butterflies in our stomach” at the thought of doing an activity that makes us nervous.

Given my own personal way of processing what happens in my life, it was natural to write the scene with Sonny unable to eat after a particular event occurs in the story. From the sentence in Chapter 25 last week, to the scenes following which take place as the family sits down to eat Thanksgiving dinner, Sonny is soon in a state of emotional turmoil, and all tied up in knots.

Chapter 26

Mama brought me a turkey sandwich and a glass of milk later on in the evening, but I didn’t want it.

***Unbelievably, we are only eight weeks away from the ON SALE date for the book, January 29, 2019! 

For now, the “Home” page on my website has “buy buttons” for some of the primary sites where you can pre-order.



  • Eldonna Edwards

    November 30, 2018


    I remember the news about the jerk treats and it was devastating to the many pet owners who lost their furry friends as a result. I’m so sorry that happened to you. Your dad looks like a sweetheart. You must miss him so much. Grief is definitely tied to the gut. Worry, too. While sadness dulls my appetite, I tend to crave sugar when I’m stressed. I can’t believe you’re only eight weeks out from the release of The Forgiving Kind. Another amazing book from you that I know readers will love as much as I did.

    • donnaeve

      December 1, 2018


      It was unreal, Eldonna! And it happened so fast, that was what was devastating. I took Bella to the vet around July 18th b/c she threw up and she was already at Stage IV. Gone by Aug 2nd. Then, Kiwi, I thought she was depressed and that’s why she didn’t want to go out any more, until same thing, two weeks after Bella – she threw up. She was gone by Aug. 23. I still get upset by it. Bella was only 12 and Kiwi 11 – still years left by typical Yorkie standards. I filed complaints with the FDA, and joined the Class Action lawsuit. It didn’t bring them back, but I had to be a voice in it.

      I can’t believe it’s only eight weeks out either and it’s going to be here before I know it! Thank you for all you’ve done and for being here with me, Eldonna! <3

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