Fried Green Tomatoes – For Real

Well folks, I’ll state the obvious; it’s summer.  Hot.  Humid.  Sticky.  Muggy.  My favorite time of year.  And, we are in a battle with the squirrels.  For our tomatoes.  This is where I have a love/hate relationship with the, as some call them, “tree rats.”

Remember “Nubby?”  That is, the “Notorious Nubby?”  Yeah, that’s him, one of the culprits.


Even he has betrayed us and  joined in the fray.  For the tomatoes.  Even he is hated when he’s hanging upside down from the support stake we’ve carefully pounded into the ground to protect our bounty.  I’ve heard they hate tomatoes.  And maybe it’s true, because they take one bite and then discard it as if it didn’t meet their rodent culinary tastes.  And that ruins it for us – almost.

What to do, what to do?  What could possibly be better than slicing up one of those succulent red, juicy tomatoes for a salad, or slathering two slices of white bread with mayo (You have to have Duke’s brand) and then layering on one of those warm, just off the vine red tomatoes under a heavy sprinkling of salt/pepper?


Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes.  This is seriously good stuff.  We had these last night along with the rest of our supper, and I feel vindicated.  I just might go pull all the tomatoes off the vine just to 1)best the squirrels at their own game 2) have some more.

These are the easiest things to fix.  Green tomatoes (2-3 large ones)  Slice them.  Dredge them in a mixture of flour/cornmeal/salt/pepper – heavy on salt/pepper, and then fry them in skillet.  You’ll know when they’re just right because they become tender.  Plus you want them crispy on the outside.  When you bite into the first one –  right out of the pan – you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

So, not all is lost.

Back to the revisions/edits for the current WIP, while keeping one beady eye on the vines.


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