Less Is More …and A Thought About Rejections

My BLOG is WAY over due – but suffice it to say – I was busy with revisions on the book.  :>)

And speaking of the revision process – it can be lonely.  There are  days when I want to share a tidbit of the latest with someone, but since I’ve only told a few people, it could easily get to the point of “enough about the book already!”   My Beta readers (five total – you know who you are!) and about seven others – a couple family members, and coworkers (past/present),  know about the book.  But I’ve decided I should only talk about it so much, because I know it could get really boring for the person whose is having to listen to whether or not I should use the word depraved or twisted.  Egad, I wouldn’t want to have to hear someone harp on that, give me earplugs – please!!

So, I keep it on the side of less is more.   Although… I wonder what my face looks like when someone asks me, “how’s the book coming?”  I bet I look  like I just knocked back a giant latte, double shot of espresso, with whip cream too.   Good thing I decided after a while that I’d be doing myself (and my friends!!) a favor to only share news that was worth sharing.  (like that AWESOME review I had from the editor in mid October!!)  It was the best yet – and I can happily say I’m 2/3’s done.

Less is more works with writing too.  I’ll go back and re-read something I wrote the day before, and sit there puzzled.  What am I trying to say and why am I trying to say it so profoundly?  My protaganist is eleven years old for God’s sake!  So, I put it in more simple terms and it seems to work – every time.

I’ve also been trying to prepare myself for the rejection bandwagon.  I’ll tell you what was encouraging in a weird sort of way.  Reading the article about how many rejections “THE HELP” had.  Can we say sixty?  Yes, you read it right, SIXTY – and look at it now.   I loved reading about that, plus Kathryn Stockett’s article was downright funny.    I wonder how many rejections I can stand?  How many should I get before I move on and write a different book.  After spending so much time on this one, literally years, it will be hard, not only to get them, but to have to accept them and move on.

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