Rainy Days…

Rainy days can be some of my favorite days.  Today, although it’s post winter, is still a winter feeling kind of day.  The kind where you don’t feel guilty sitting inside because it’s gray with drizzle, and only in the mid 40’s.  Everything is damp, like this:


It’s the kind of day a pot of this must be on the stove, filling the house with the rich smell of meat and vegetables while your ears are finely tuned to it’s slow simmer.  You keep stirring it in anticipation because you know it will be so good:


(This is called Green Bay Booyah, a recipe my husband found – a pot of stew with lots of wonderful, fragrant things like, beef, chicken, onions, potatoes, rutabaga, cabbage, peas and sweet potato.  I’m sure glad he likes to cook.)

It’s this kind of day, where you can sit and write in a cozy little nook…, all the while contemplating that wonderful pot of stew.


I’m enjoying today…what about you?

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