Where do you write?   Where are the special nooks where you create your stories?  Do you write in the quiet, or to music?  Do you take a lot of breaks, or spend too much time browsing the internet?

What I want to know is, where are you and where do you get it done?

Here is where I am.

The Office.  Note the essentials… aside from the flat magical device with a keyboard that controls my brain.  🙂

Water, gummi bears, whiteboard, Grit Lit book …and the window just to my right that I tend to stare out  too often during spring and summer.  No music, only the sound of my fingers on the keyboard.


Number Two…, when I’m sick of sitting upstairs … the kitchen affords me a bigger window, and more opportunities to gawk at everything and nothing.  Big plus – closer to the fridge.


Number Three…when the weather turns warm, I sometimes move to the porch.  I’ll stay out here for as long as my battery will last and the bugs stay away, …  it can remind me too much of the fact I want a beer or glass of wine, however to go along with that patio/porch vibe.


Number Four…is here.  The NC Mountains, near Linville.  Grandfather Mountain and the Mile High Bridge ….  Linville river is a two minute walk.  The hundreds of years old phenomena called the Brown Mountain Lights are within 45 minutes.  That whole writerly vibe really sinks in when I’m here.  (That’s Kiwi there… I sure do miss her and Bella Boo.  Mister has yet to have the RV experience)


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