Spring Melt

The spring robins are here already.  They filled my yard yesterday morning, their burnt orange chests fat and plump.  There must have been at least forty, maybe fifty – it was hard to tell because as soon as I moved, they took off for the trees.  They take big bounding hops, then stop, heads cocked, listening for the slithery sounds of their next meal.  Maybe it’s me, but it seems like they’re early.  Early bird gets the worm has a whole other meaning at this point, I think.

And, Henry and Myrtle are back too.  I actually heard them before I saw them.  H & M are two pigeons (pigeons!) who started roosting in the top of our columns around this time last year.  I have no idea where their names came from, but I guess when you’re a writer, stuff like that tends to pop into one’s head.  So, Henry and Myrtle, or H & M they became.  Can I say, they make a MESS.  They’ve scattered twigs, pine straw, and bits of this and that, all over my front porch.  Not to mention the other leavings of theirs.  But, I like that they feel like they have a place to come to, a cozy little spot to nurture a baby or two.

While the season of winter tries to hang on for at least six more weeks, I’m noticing other changes already underway, too.  The green shoots of daffodils have poked up through the leaves and mulch.  Ha, mulch – let’s get real here.  How about that’s really just leaves we were too lazy to get up last fall.  And…when I was on my run yesterday, I spotted a couple of red bud trees in full bloom – not to mention the star magnolia in my own yard.

It’s only February, but I like that spring is trying to shove winter out of her way.  That means it won’t be long before I’ll get to spend time writing on the porch.  I’ve done that for years.  I’ll get my laptop, a bottle of water, sometimes an apple, and go sit outside.  I’ve learned to shut out most of the noise, from the birds going crazy in the trees – the bluejays are the noisiest – to the cars going up and down the street, and the horn on a passing train.  Okay, that last one is pretty disruptive, but it’s gone quick enough.

It seems fitting to me a new season is about to arrive because I’m also in the throes of a new project.  I’ve finally unwrapped my head from the last book, and I started my transition into this new one a few weeks ago.  And a transition it is, in that it takes time to begin to see all there is to see.  The setting, what does it look like?  The people, who are they?  What will they do?  What is this story really about?

It’s never easy to shift gears and start all over again from scratch.  It never is.  It’s a bit daunting, but “The End” result is so worthwhile.  🙂

Chapter One.

I type that, and sit and stare.  I read my outline – again.  Then, the words come, the shifting of sentences, and as I go along, there’s this gradual warm up, and before long, I’ve got paragraphs, and then pages, and then chapters – all of it flowing along, much like a spring melt.

And to that I say, here’s to a spring melt of words.

What are you working on?






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