Top Ten Latest Words That Make Me Cringe

Recently I saw a license plate with one of those made up words we could do without .  I actually skulked behind this car, going out of my way to see who in their right mind would put it on their plate.  Unfortunately, I was thwarted by a red light, which meant I’d wasted a whole boatload of time just to lay eyes on the person who had the nerve.  After that, I started thinking about words I dislike – a lot.  Words I refuse to say, words you couldn’t pay me to write.  Uh.  Maybe I’d take money.  The word on the license plate?


Yep.  That word.

With that, here’s my list,and it probably comes as no surprise what tops it:

  1. Shart
  2. Any word turned into a cutesy version of itself.  Selfie comes to mind
  3. Ilk (as in, “his/her kind,” but honestly, it sounds like someone about to throw up.)
  4. Awesome
  5. Awesome sauce (huh?)
  6. Adding “age” to make a plain word more formal – as in “signage.”
  7. Adding “de” to words (like “de-planeing,” for getting off the plane.  Can’t they just tell you to exit the plane?)
  8. Experience (as in how was your dining experience?  How would I answer this?  It was awesome with some a little bit of awesome sauce???)
  9. Misspoke (words that sugar coat reality – tell it like it is.  I lied!)
  10. Panties (underwear!)

What words make you cringe?

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