Welcome To A New Look!

I’ve been working behind the scenes to transition my blog to a new and improved “website.”  Across the top you’ll see the new  “menu” items (The Book, About, Contact, etc.), but I’ve also chosen a theme I hope will represent this new part of my writing career.

I like simplicity.  I like organization and structure.  I like to have features lined up like little soldiers, and not too much clutter.  The old blog was starting to look a little cluttered.  Don’t get me wrong…I loved the old blog with my little lizard – okay, some called it a red eff, or maybe it’s a salamander, but the dark background and white font?  Not so much.

I have “The Book” as my static page for now.  I am still poking around out here and so, if you see some further changes or rearrangements to content, that’s why.  I’m not sure the blog will stay.  It may go to a newsletter, and if so, I’ll be converting that space to a page that will say “Newsletter” and a form to sign up, and I hope you will!  All that is up in the air right now because I like to chit chat, but I’m finding my time for that more limited.

Take a little tour yourself, test out the social media features, and as always, let me know what you think – or if something didn’t work!


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