While I Wait

One night last week when taking Little Dog out, I did what I always do, I looked up at the sky.  Whenever I’m outside, my face is tilted upwards, for no other reason than the fact that I simply like looking towards the heavens.  That night, something caught my attention.  Clouds.  Against pockets of pitch black, floating one after the other, came these odd, gigantic, billowy clouds.  Which was kind of strange since they usually don’t stand out so visibly at night.

Normally, we only know they’re there because we don’t see the stars and the moon, or it’s raining on our parade.  But, on that night as they passed by, they looked different.  I stood for a moment watching until I saw the edges of one cloud growing brighter and brighter yet, until finally, the moon came through like one of those large beacon lights in a used car parking lot.  Just as fast as it appeared, it was  hidden again, and I ran back inside to get my camera, because to me, it was a remarkable sight.

On my way by the living room, I said to my husband, “hurry, come look at the sky!” (he truly – truly – must think I’m insane)

Let me show you what we saw in case I’ve failed to convey it properly.  These are taken in sequence, and do some justice to the view we saw above our heads.  The last shot I tried to zoom in and in my haste, I moved – so the picture is blurry.  How stunning it could have been.



Despite some fuzzy views , I was happy to capture some of the more impressive pics.  About one minute after this display, if you can believe it, there wasn’t a cloud left.  They were moving that fast and soon after, the moon continued it’s climb, free of  the clouds which sat well off to the east, still visible, but too low to matter.

There is something about this time of year and in the early spring, where we get a lot of contrasting colors that make for memorable sunsets and sunrises too.  This is from just last night:

005006 007

This is what I do when I’m not writing.  Pictures.  Oh, and baking.

In case you can’t tell, I’m having a bit of a time finding my new topic.  I’ve started something and stopped – twice.  Before I begin again, I want a solid idea that sticks.  An idea that won’t go away as fast as these sunsets, or those clouds.  I’ve got the setting – but no story.  I’m looking for it every day.  And, while I’m waiting for “it” to hit me, I poke around with an inexpensive camera.  Snap, snap, focus, snap.

What about you?  What do you do when you’re in a lull?

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