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First Sentence Fridays! CHAPTER TEN

While writing this book, I had to dig deep to try and picture living in a situation where you have access to…not much.  Food for instance.  In the Stamper’s situation, other than what they could grow, hunt, and kill or scavenge, this was the only

First Sentence Fridays! CHAPTER NINE

I’ve watched commercials on TV where they show one of those nice bathtubs you can step in, shut a door, and let it fill up, targeted towards the elderly, or perhaps individuals who have difficulty lifting their legs, or with balance issues, etc.  One particular

First Sentence Friday! Chapter Eight

As kids, my brother and I always hated when our parents argued.  We’d want it to end quickly and without any long term sense of discord in the house.  My Dad was soft spoken, and I rarely heard him raise his voice.  Mom was more