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First Sentence Fridays – Chapter 22 and 23

I have to admit, writing the “bad” characters in my stories are sometimes the easiest, which sort of begs the question about “write what you know,” meaning do I know a lot of bad people? No, not at all. I try and surround myself with

First Sentence Friday Chapter 22 Postponed Till Next Week!

Sometimes you have so many irons in the fire, you just can’t get it all together. Thursdays are usually the days I write up and edit my post for my First Sentence Fridays – but today? I couldn’t make it happen. I have an unexpected

First Sentence Fridays – Chapter 21

My grandmother left my grandfather once. The details were sketchy as to what happened between them because the adults only whispered about it. It was a curiosity to me, these adult matters. Even mundane daily events. For instance, I loved to listen to my mom and
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