I wrote my second book set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.   We always go through the mountains on our way to Mississippi and on a recent trip, I spotted a low cloud amongst the hills.  We stopped just so I could snap

The other day I was in the shower and squirted a gob of conditioner in my hand – then proceeded to wash under my arms.   I had been thinking about what I was going to write, what I would focus on, and, obviously I wasn’t

I get a lot of ideas for what books to read in a number of ways.  One is following the blog of agent, Betsy Lerner.  The suggestions come along by chance, either through a particular post or in the comments area.  For instance, Ms. Lerner

I’m currently in Mississippi, towards the north end of the state, about forty-five minutes from Memphis and Oxford, and Tupelo is about an hour away.  It’s a state rich with all of those southern “flavors” I love to incorporate into the stories I write. First

Currently, I’m back to adding in new material to the second book, based on feedback from my agent.  When I submitted the story to him, it was approximately 75,000 words – or 313 pages long.  He loved it, but said towards the end, right after