Currently, I’m back to adding in new material to the second book, based on feedback from my agent.  When I submitted the story to him, it was approximately 75,000 words – or 313 pages long.  He loved it, but said towards the end, right after

I wonder how many other writers go through this? I’ve written two books and both are so completely different, it’s like they came from two different people.  If I had a publisher, the marketing person would likely send me hate emails, or at the very

If you’ve spent time reading about the craft of writing, eventually you’re going to run across an article about one particular aspect of it that many find hard to achieve – especially new writers.   You’ll read things like,  “you need to have a voice” or,

Writing and research go hand in hand, but, writers sometimes get caught by surprise when they realize that research can consume as much time, if not more, than the actual writing itself.  Consider Dan Brown, (THE DA VINCI CODE), for example.  The Wikipedia cites; “Because

I was poking around my blog entries the other day and at the time, I had no real reason for doing this other than to review what I’d written, check to see how long I’d been doing it, while trying to decide what I should