The debate over whether a particular piece of writing is considered literary fiction or not, goes on.   All you have to do is Google the term and you can read about varying viewpoints all day long. Wikipedia says “Literary fiction is a term principally used

I’ve noticed something before when writing, and it struck me again, over the weekend.  If you write, you  know there are “good” days, and there are “bad” days.  And for many, it may seem there are more bad days than good, right?  So, how can

Have you noticed the comments in the news lately about “the 99% and the 1%.”  That particular percentage is related to taxpayers, but, did you know there is a similar statistic in publishing?  It was a bit disconcerting (to say the least) when I read

Writers are impatient.  Well this one is, but as I just told a commenter on my blog who is setting out to write her first book, patience is required and I had to learn to “cool my jets” during most of the process. You know