I’ve only been posting about once a month, but I felt compelled to do one today based on some recent activity on my desktop here. A couple of months ago I activated a Twitter account and at the same time requested membership to three different

My BLOG is WAY over due – but suffice it to say – I was busy with revisions on the book.  :>) And speaking of the revision process – it can be lonely.  There are  days when I want to share a tidbit of the latest with someone,

In my last post, I talked about the fact that aspiring writers are told “you have to write one million bad words before you can write one good one.”  I just hope the value of words doesn’t change like the dollar, because that could easily

I’m no expert but I’ve read, heard, and now I’ve seen for myself that every writer experiences the horrible, dreaded – dare I say it – writer’s block.  I think of it much like “hitting the wall” when running a marathon.  You get to mile

My ride on Cloud Nine just pit stopped by the house so I could post this blog.  As I wrote in February, I was about to send my “dream” off to the new editor where I would finally get professional feedback to see if it