Just for the fun of it, I recently took an online typing test to see just how fast I could get my fingers to work.  I’ve never done this before and I’ve never cared about the “official” number because it doesn’t really matter to anyone. 

When I finished my last project I realized I was in a bit of a dilemma.  Based on what I’d read, it wasn’t an unusual spot to be in.  My dilemma was, what genre did my book fit in?  I hadn’t written a mystery because

I really envy some writers.  Not for their talent with words.  Not for their knack at coming up with great, fresh ideas for a story.  Not for their ability to make me laugh, cry or think about something in a way I’ve never done before. 

Some of the most informative reading I’ve ever come across regarding publication are from writers who can walk the talk.  They know because they’ve been on the receiving end.  (an unintended pun, but I’ll go with it since part of this is about money)  Like

You’re sitting at your computer, focused, about to open your manuscript.  Your word count goal for the day is planned, and you’re determined to move the story forward.  You’re ready because, as recommended by many other successful writers, you purposefully stopped at a “good” spot