An update. Remember this post? It got worse before it got better.  Obviously we’d been hearing “noises” for a while.  After the last rant about this issue, we went right out and bought one of those Hav-A-Hart traps – only, we didn’t use it right

In the last post I talked about including food in stories I write, and at some point during the writing of that post, I actually stopped to run outside to snap some pictures of a sunset.   I’ve got hundreds of pictures of sunsets.  I can’t

There’s something about writing and including food in a story.  Maybe it’s a way to set your reader down in a scene, or to offer a sense of place.  No matter, food is a component I use a lot in the stories I write.  And

Did anyone see the moon Christmas night?  Or the night after?  They (scientists, reporters, etc.) talked about the Super Moon earlier this year, and after the spectacular show I witnessed on the 25th and 26th I wondered if they’d missed these recent dates.  They did

Much like the previous post about White Trash, what’s Christmas without the song which actually is supposed to be the epitome of that?  A tune about dysfunctional families, and what many would say is a typical Christmas day spent carving turkey, watching ballgames, mixing up