In the last post I talked about including food in stories I write, and at some point during the writing of that post, I actually stopped to run outside to snap some pictures of a sunset.   I’ve got hundreds of pictures of sunsets.  I can’t

There’s something about writing and including food in a story.  Maybe it’s a way to set your reader down in a scene, or to offer a sense of place.  No matter, food is a component I use a lot in the stories I write.  And

2015 is about done.  What better time than now, on this last day of a year filled with ups and downs, to take a look back at all that happened.  And what better way than to just grab the photos. Work in progress at the

A  pause from my regularly scheduled “programming” to introduce a new author to you! Let me start this with a little bit of background.  When my first novel sold, I joined the Kensington Author’s portal, a secure site where authors under Kensington can “meet” each

After making the announcement last month about what I shall forever recollect as The Lovely Book Deal, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about online presence, social media, and what I can do to tie it all together so everything has a cohesive look.