Blood work this morning indicates end state renal failure.   Please lift my little Bella up in prayer.  

Today’s post won’t be about writing, about trying to get published or about what is happening with the first or the second book.  Today, I’m writing about something different, something very close to my heart.  Apologies in advance for using this space to feel sad.

I love to read the first sentence of a book I’m about to buy.  I mean, I do the other usual things, like reading the back of it to get the basic premise of the story, or the inside flap.  And then, I might randomly

Lately I’ve been thinking about the way we used to listen to music, you know, back “in the day.”   Think about it…the smell of the plastic disc, the creak of a record player lid being lifted, the crinkly feel of the paper holder as you

I follow several blogs and on one of them recently, there was a reference to an article written in SALON:  where the author didn’t have much luck getting her book published.  She had moved to a different continent just to write it, spent years