I thought I couldn’t love my cover any more, and then?  Kensington’s Art Department did a little fine tuning and this is what we now have! There are reasons behind every decision made by my publisher.  I know why they did this little tweak, but

I made no move to mark or signal in any way my father’s one year anniversary of passing.  About three days before the official day, Mom and I went out to the grave site and swapped out the Christmas flowers for a selection of silk

I’ve been wrapped up, enamored with, and possibly swooning over “The Process” of publication. When I worked at Nortel, a Product Pipeline (it might have looked something like this-but there were many variations depending on the project manager) was often used to monitor the progress

As I mentioned in the last post, I’m writing about Bouchercon 2015 in three seperate posts.  These comments come mostly from authors or agents. WHAT WAS SAID: Question from audience:  “In your opinion, what’s the biggest mistake beginning writers make?”  “Too many doorknobs turning, too

I’m so proud of my hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina for hosting Bouchercon 2015.  I love our beautiful little city which has become an eclectic and lively center for night life, arts, foodie type restaurants, all with a bright array of craft beers, for which