A while back I wrote a post called “I LOVE MY LAPTOP.”  And I do.  Or, make that did.  Much like that car insurance commercial where the young girl talks about her car which she fondly calls Brad.  “I love Brad,” she claims.  Two boyfriends,

Recently, I had something so unexpected happen, I was in a state of sheer panic for a couple of hours. Last Tuesday I was in front of my laptop doing what I do.  The phone rang, and as usual, when I didn’t recognize the number,

A painful reminder came this past week of what I call, “the terrible summer.”  Of what happened to Bella and Kiwi.  All those wretched feelings I thought I’d sufficiently managed with such tight control, came again, flattening out my mood and my spirit, as if

This past Saturday I attended my book club’s Christmas Luncheon.  Earlier during the week, the vice president of the club came up with an idea for the program I thought creative and fun.  The idea was for each of us to provide something from our

For my entire life, reading has been a constant.  Throughout school years, various jobs, one marriage and into the current, having kids, whatever, books have always been part of who I am.  One can always be found somewhere nearby, whether on my nightstand, counter top,