I’m so proud of my hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina for hosting Bouchercon 2015.  I love our beautiful little city which has become an eclectic and lively center for night life, arts, foodie type restaurants, all with a bright array of craft beers, for which

Already the sun is disappearing quicker and days are noticeably shorter.  You have noticed, haven’t you? Our house faces north/northeast.  I love to open the blinds first thing in the morning and as I do, I pay attention to where the sunlight hits the walls,

Have we talked about all the food and the eating while I was in Mississippi? There is no lack of either when visiting the folks.  Matter of fact, I have to be really careful about portions, etc., because my mother-in-law cooks up these “to die

Mississippi smells and sounds like my childhood. I wish I could use some sort of media tool to share what I mean, only I think you already know.  There are scents I encounter that resonate with some long ago memory, and when I smell them,

A while back I wrote a post called “I LOVE MY LAPTOP.”  And I do.  Or, make that did.  Much like that car insurance commercial where the young girl talks about her car which she fondly calls Brad.  “I love Brad,” she claims.  Two boyfriends,