Here in North Carolina, spring is busting out all over and it looks like every kind of grass, flower, and weed shot up almost overnight.  The trees are budding out and dropping a variety of “tags” and other debris in competition with the flowers and

When I finished my last project I realized I was in a bit of a dilemma.  Based on what I’d read, it wasn’t an unusual spot to be in.  My dilemma was, what genre did my book fit in?  I hadn’t written a mystery because

Recently I finished a book by Tim Johnston called DESCENT.  I loved the book, but the reason I wanted to blog about it is related to the way he wrote it versus an actual review of the story. I’ve heard over and over, from reading

Special Note:  When I first wrote my review of WHY LA? POURQUOI PARIS?, the terrifying events had yet to unfold in Paris and existed only in the minds of the terrorists.  And then, within twenty four hours of sharing my feedback with the author and

The holiday frenzy is in full force.  Everyone’s in crunch time mode and operating with the laser like focus of this hawk below. Christmas Eve is less than three days away.  Despite the frenetic mannerisms of everyone around, and the possibility, at this late a