For my entire life, reading has been a constant.  Throughout school years, various jobs, one marriage and into the current, having kids, whatever, books have always been part of who I am.  One can always be found somewhere nearby, whether on my nightstand, counter top,

One night last week when taking Little Dog out, I did what I always do, I looked up at the sky.  Whenever I’m outside, my face is tilted upwards, for no other reason than the fact that I simply like looking towards the heavens.  That

Several weeks ago I took hold of a unique opportunity – even though it made me as nervous as I’ve ever been. I allowed Book-Hive’s Focus Group Reader Service to take my latest WIP and test it.  Big GULP. Below is a snippet where the

There’s always a discussion percolating somewhere amongst writers about what it takes to keep on keeping on, particularly for those who’ve been writing for years, have faced more rejections than they care to count, and haven’t seen any money.  There’s the reality of bills, a

Officially, I am back to working on the book – since yesterday.  What I’ve learned during this hiatus is…, the longer you go without writing, the easier it gets to not write.  Scary easy.  The “World Of Solitaire, Klondike Turn Three” easy.  Yeah, I got