Janet Reid had a flash fiction contest this past weekend and despite my “head down, working towards THE END,” mantra on my latest WIP, I took a little coffee break and participated.  You know, I really love these contests – I think I might be

92,000 words.  Still, I’ve not typed THE END – just yet. I re-read an older post from about 2 1/2 months ago where I had 71,000 words.  Because my nature is to analyze (driving my husband crazy) I calculated this is only 280 words a day

I had no idea what trouble I’d be getting into upon the arrival of this.  What could it be? We’re about to find out… A book! I was sooooo excited!  Can you tell?? Because…it wasn’t just any old book… it was this book! But…little did

My husband is a wonderful gift giver. For example, I stuffed his stocking with pistachios, wader socks, Maker’s Mark whiskey, a fly fishing tool, (that looked strangely like some sort of needle threading device) and the new Alan Jackson bluegrass CD.  Those aren’t bad gifts,