The gorgeous cover for THE SAINTS TO SWALLOW HILL! I’m sharing out Instagram posts all day (which are automatically set up to come to here to my Author Page), so be prepared to be inundated with this cover! I love it so much! About the

Hello everyone! Okay, I know it’s the era of COVID lockdowns, etc., and to use flying on a plane and going on a trip as an analogy seems completely WRONGHEADED, but stay with me here. You’re in your seat on the airplane, and it’s taxied

I  love hearing about the various ways readers enjoy their books. Some read multiple stories at a time. They’ve just started one, are halfway through another, and almost to the end of a third. There are those who may set aside hard copies for sit

How’s everybody’s summer going? (should I bother to ask?) Growing up, I often rode with my mother while she did her errands. She’d drive up Avent Ferry Road, and come out on Western Boulevard. Those from Raleigh will recognize the names of these streets. One

CONGRATULATIONS to these SIX WINNERS!!! WINNERS – please send me an email ([email protected]) or PM me on social media and provide me with your addresses so I can coordinate getting your prize to you! To everyone, thank you so much for sharing your stories. Because