When we set goals for ourselves, there is nothing better than achieving them.  A few years back, I set one for running a marathon.  I trained for it for about nine months, a race held in Bluffington S. C.  It started at 7:00 a.m.  Even

Recently, a post about money earned in relation to having a book published brought to light some facts about advances and payments.  Let’s start off with my own ignorance.  Sure, why not?  I don’t  mind sharing what I, in my naivete believed was the way

My husband is a wonderful gift giver. For example, I stuffed his stocking with pistachios, wader socks, Maker’s Mark whiskey, a fly fishing tool, (that looked strangely like some sort of needle threading device) and the new Alan Jackson bluegrass CD.  Those aren’t bad gifts,

In my recent post, Early Christmas Present, I talked about getting a snippet of feedback from a new associate who was reading my pages along with my agent.  He was still reading so didn’t have any comments yet.  Yesterday I emailed him to find out

It started before Thanksgiving – three days before, approximately.  As I looked at my calendar pre-Thanksgiving day, I realized the two weeks following would be about as crazy as crazy can get.  And it was all going to happen even though I was still trying