I’ve always paid attention to my environment, much more than people, which has at times made me seem disconnected I think.  When I was a kid, I preferred to spend time outside, flat on my back, staring up at the sky.  Sometimes I would lie

When I started writing my latest book, my characters were murky – as they typically are.  I had no clue what they looked like, what they were interested in, what made them tick, because they didn’t exist in my mind – yet. Many writers will

It seems very strange to watch the events unfold in the world.  To take in, yet another country seeming to come undone, like a hanging string on a piece of clothing, pulled by accident until the garment reveals a gaping hole.  Moment by moment, there

It starts off gradual, the shifting of sunlight throughout the house, until one day you realize you have to drop the blinds to avoid the beautiful, but somewhat annoying beam that’s decided to shine directly in your face from a spot where it didn’t exist

Heaven help me, but I seem to have developed a very ridiculously annoying eye twitch.  It’s the lower lid of my right eye and every time it starts up I feel as if the entire world can see it.  I’m whining about it because it’s