Writers read – a lot.  For many reasons.  Out of all of the things we do, other than writing, it is, in my opinion, the other most important part of our work.  We should read.  It’s been suggested, by many successful writers, reading is critical

Leaving a manuscript alone for any length of time is good.  Hours, days, weeks, even months, can be helpful.  Stephen King says to put your work away for several months, which, at least for me, seems almost unimaginable.  At this point however, I’m letting the

This past Tuesday I went to visit my parents who live about an hour away.  Dad’s 80 and Mom’s going to be 78 this August.  Now that I’ve managed to slog my way through to THE END of my latest project, I felt I could

Ever hear someone use a word that sounded so out of character, their entire persona changed right before your eyes? For example, what if a priest were sitting beside you in a deli, and you overheard him say, “Jesus, look at these prices!” Maybe he

Many writers who are ready to approach an agent, do so with either a sense of awe, fear, and an “I’m not worthy,” sort of mentality.  For the past few years, I’ve been reading Janet Reid’s blog.  If you haven’t been following her, you should.