Something’s got to give, or this is going to be one long, hot summer.  I said this last year when my editor rejected my first 100 pages. I don’t mind hot, or the fact that it’s summer, but I sure would like to spend it

Copyright Bob Richman, 2010, Harpo   If you read no other book by her, read I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS, but seriously, read all you can… such a talent.  Sad she’s gone.

No frills, no fancy schmancy this or that.  I’m all about the basics, and I’m minimalist, even at that. I like plain food, think Corn Flakes kind of plain.  Or, Rice Krispies.  Rice Chex.  Maybe, maybe Fruity Cheerios.  I like simple home-cooked meals, and simple

92,000 words.  Still, I’ve not typed THE END – just yet. I re-read an older post from about 2 1/2 months ago where I had 71,000 words.  Because my nature is to analyze (driving my husband crazy) I calculated this is only 280 words a day

The average human has approximately 30,000 thoughts a day.  A lot of clutter.  Like food processing, where produce is assorted on a mass conveyor belt, the good pieces are kept, while the damaged, useless, or non-standard pieces get shoved off into a disposal bin.  Similarly,