We are as individual about our reading choices as anything else.  As unique within our talent for writing as the strands of DNA that make up who each of us are.   What makes a story good?  What makes writing good?  Geez, I don’t know.  It’s

Recently, a post about money earned in relation to having a book published brought to light some facts about advances and payments.  Let’s start off with my own ignorance.  Sure, why not?  I don’t  mind sharing what I, in my naivete believed was the way

About five years ago, I used to complete a ten mile run every Saturday morning.  It was on one of those runs, for a variety of reasons, I ended up with double sfx.  It took close to three years before I felt I could run

Paying attention to what goes on around us is a favorite past time of writers.  We tend to stare.  We might look as if we’re eavesdropping (likely).  We will carefully work our way towards something that looks out of place when others might head in

Research can be fun, or it can make you feel squeamish. For instance, there are a bazillion little things a writer might need to look up.  Like finding out if Saran Wrap was used in the 50’s, or, if your character’s taxes go unpaid, how