Today, this is dedicated to Kiwi.   I’ll be back to blogging about writing in the next post. We watched you change, almost overnight.  We thought you missed your sister, the little one we’d just let go two weeks before.  We noticed how you, our outdoor

My next post will be about writing, but today, I’m dedicating this post to Bella.  It’s been 365 days. In the beginning, when it was all so fresh, so raw, I tried to look ahead.  I tried to put myself into this place where I

The very best Memorial Day or July 4th fireworks shows I’ve EVER seen were while on a boat, in the middle of a lake.  Back when my best friend and her husband were still together, and when he was alive, they had a beautiful home

It happens on a daily basis.  I get up with good intentions, a master plan in my head, a path through the daily routine with my goal established as firmly as roots of the one hundred year old magnolia in my yard.  In my utopian

Today, and for all the days ahead, pray for residents of Moore Oklahoma as they go through the recovery of their lost, loved ones and grapple with the loss of home, family, and friends.  Also, please pray for our heartland in general, because, it’s not