Blank.  Vacant.  Meaningless. Those three words describe the current situation with my latest WIP.  This will be the fourth book I’ve written – if I ever get it done.  I felt like this with the last one too, and I did finish it, so yay,

It’s been a little crazy around here.  I told my daughter at the end of January that I felt book-ended by crises, and once I said that, it only got more crazy.  That’s what I get for opening my big mouth.  I don’t talk much

A painful reminder came this past week of what I call, “the terrible summer.”  Of what happened to Bella and Kiwi.  All those wretched feelings I thought I’d sufficiently managed with such tight control, came again, flattening out my mood and my spirit, as if

It’s the end of December and along with the rest of you, I’ve begun to reflect on 2014.  The good, bad, forgettable, memorable, sad, and joyful moments experienced.  Much like on the news, I’m busy recounting what I’ve accomplished, what fell by the wayside, and