It’s about to get ugly. I’m writing this latest draft and the good news is, I feel like I’ve nailed my antagonist.   I’ve set him up to be a true villain, a sociopath with tidbits of dark history scattered about in his chapter, information I

It’s the same thing day in and day out.  I really don’t mind, not one bit.  Matter of fact, if something happens, I get antsy, become a clock watcher, wondering when I can retreat back to my hidey hole, yet not look like a clod.

A little over a week ago I received some news that came just when my house was about to be overtaken by family for Father’s Day.  And the news wasn’t good.  In previous posts, I’ve mentioned a few times, and hopefully not so much that

As we know, back in the earlier days of writing and publishing, things were quite different.  It wasn’t all that long ago one still sent in a manuscript by snail mail, and then waited for weeks (months?) on end to get a reply, but I

Nicknames are an interesting part of my father’s family, but, in general, they had no meaning, best as I could tell.  There could have been a story behind how my grandfather’s nickname of “Chili,” came about, but not my own father’s.  Dad is called “Snookie.”