It’s getting done, slower than I’d like, but each day,  new words are added and the story moves forward, paragraph, by paragraph, page by page.  My latest WIP has been a real time sucker, a drain of minutes and hours, causing me to feel almost

In my latest work in progress, I’ve been struggling with plausibility, i.e. trying to not have things happen in this story that seem too far fetched  The last thing I want is for someone to roll their eyes when reading..  In particular, there is an

Writers spend copious amounts of time working on their craft, and sometimes we need to take a break, just to let our brains rest.  I have several ways of allowing my mind to stop pushing itself into a story.  This is an obsessive tendency that

This post is not necessarily going to win me any new friends.  It might even offend a few people.  And, please know, I do not claim to be the expert on writing.  But…, I do read, and I read a lot.  Not just books, but

No less than three times, and probably more like half a dozen, there have been suggestions, prompts or outright directions to write without the thought of a particular goal, to write without over-thinking your words, to write fast, but mainly, just write.  This is not