When you begin your writing project, have you ever waffled between which point of view (POV) you should use with your story? As I began writing book one, I never questioned which POV I wanted to take.  I wrote in the first person because I

There you are, plugging along, writing your first draft, and perhaps you’re already thinking about the work involved when you will need to go back and do revisions.   But…, did you know there’s a quick and easy way to make your writing better?  And it’s

I’m sitting here, at my desk, where I’ve been for the past five hours.  What have I done?  Let’s see. I checked out all my fave writing blogs I read the newspaper I surfed Facebook, “Liked” things, and what not I (finally) stared at my

I’ve started reading BIRD BY BIRD by Anne Lamott.  I wouldn’t have known about this book if it weren’t for another blog; http://averildean.wordpress.com/2013/03/. The post was on books about writing and others commented on some of their faves. I saw this one mentioned, and I’m

For the past month or so, I’ve been redirected (read: urged)  towards something new in my writing.  As I’ve worked on books in the past,  an idea will come to mind on what story I want to write next, and without much of a break,