Copyright Bob Richman, 2010, Harpo   If you read no other book by her, read I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS, but seriously, read all you can… such a talent.  Sad she’s gone.

About five years ago, I used to complete a ten mile run every Saturday morning.  It was on one of those runs, for a variety of reasons, I ended up with double sfx.  It took close to three years before I felt I could run

Research can be fun, or it can make you feel squeamish. For instance, there are a bazillion little things a writer might need to look up.  Like finding out if Saran Wrap was used in the 50’s, or, if your character’s taxes go unpaid, how

Recently I saw a license plate with one of those made up words we could do without .  I actually skulked behind this car, going out of my way to see who in their right mind would put it on their plate.  Unfortunately, I was

There’s nothing better than to read an article, blog post, or hear in an interview where a best selling author explains they continue to go through the very same things as writers who have never been published before.  Things like how each and every new