Bad Moon A’Risin’

For Christmas, my husband gave me a camera .  It’s not an expensive one, but I love it.  I guess he got tired of hearing me (and everyone else) complain about the other camera I was using, and how long it took to take a picture.  It was almost impossible to take a candid, quick shot.  I’d press the button and it would clickety click click, make some more noises, the flash would pause, and then finally, bing!  Picture taken.  By then, my subjects would have lost their perky, natural smiles.  Their mouths would be frozen in that “would you hurry up and press the button because I hate having my picture taken anyway, and why haven’t you taken it yet, and oh, for Pete’s sake take the damn thing will you?!?!?”  Or someone would turn to look at someone else, or someone would think it had been taken, and start to step away, which made me yell, “Wait!”   All that the mumbling and grumbling would start – again.

With the new camera, the shots come quicker, but I’m still learning about all the various settings I can choose in order to take the best ones.  Now, they have to wait on that.   But…, no offense to family/friends,  humans aren’t my favorite subject anyway.  I like taking pictures of my surroundings, no matter where I am.  Yard.  Flowers.  Bugs.  Birds.  Bees.  Shrubs.  Trees in seasonal transition.  Little man.  Mountain ridges.  Valleys.  Streams.  Lakes.  Weather related events.  Snow. (had enough of that)  Ice. (that too).   The sky.  Thunderstorms.  Early mornings.  Late evenings.   The moon.

The moon is a difficult subject.  I don’t know what I’m doing with shutter speed on the camera – yet.

Check out this shot.  This was early morning, around 6:00 I think, about two weeks ago.

Bad Moon Rising

Sort of blurry, but I was standing as still as possible.  More to learn obviously.  Sometime in April, I think on the 15th, there will be a blood moon.  Maybe I’ll have figured out more about taking pictures when it’s dark by then.

Talking about sunrises and sunsets, this a sunset.  It had been a warm day, and there was a cold front coming in. (imagine)  Our skies here in NC tend to get a little temperamental when that happens, like this:


As you can tell, I have nothing new to tell you about how the writing is coming along.  It’s coming, but my brain is on overload from it.  I’m attempting to outline the final 20,000 words -or so.  And…,this is what I do when I need a break from thinking about plot twists, resolution – or even how to end the darn thing.  I think about something else.  Anything else – even doing taxes.

What else do you do, when the writing has taken a toll?

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