In my recent post, Early Christmas Present, I talked about getting a snippet of feedback from a new associate who was reading my pages along with my agent.  He was still reading so didn’t have any comments yet.  Yesterday I emailed him to find out if he’d finished, and what he thought, personally, about the pages.  Like I’ve already said, positive comments on writing means a lot to writers.  On occasion though, feedback will come that seems too good to be true, especially after a rough haul when nothing but doubt controlled every tap of a letter on the keyboard.

From John yesterday:

“I don’t want to over-enthuse, but I have to tell you this is absolutely outstanding. I love it and was completely hooked from the first few pages. I hope you are much further along than the sample you sent because I am really anxious to see where you go with this — wow! This will be a thrill to send around, and unlike your previous couple of manuscripts, which were excellent too but stood in the shadow of some previous blockbusters in a similar milieu, this one will stand alone, I think. Just so happy to see you taking on something you can make so uniquely yours, and also that should find its own place in the market. Bravo!”

Somehow, the lights on my tree are even brighter.  Well, everything is really, really shiny and bright today!


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