Dear Betsy

…how you honored me today with this!!!

For years, I’ve followed agent Betsy Lerner’s blog – make that agent extraordinaire, i.e., also writer, poet, and of late, fierce bridge player.

Writers follow agent blogs for many reasons.  Some want the inside “scoop” on publishing, some want tips on writing, some want representation, some want to just hang out with like minds.  I fall into the latter category.  For one, I have an agent, and two, Betsy doesn’t rep what I write.  (nor does that other agent I follow and love)  What Betsy has done is managed to snag writers  with witty posts, offer sage advice, and mostly, she gives those of us who want to do this CRAZY thing called writing, a spot to vent, cheer, and mourn.  (mourn = we do like to bitch now and then)

Every now and then she turns a spotlight on a writer.   I’m speechless with gratitude.

Thank you, Betsy.

It’s So Typical of Me to Talk about Myself



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