Just a little story here…

Out on my run the other day, I’m going along, head in the clouds so to speak. I’ve said it a bunch, when I’m running, I’m writing.  So, up one street, down another, zig through the graveyard, zag back out.  As I’m on the final stretch, about half a mile from the house, I’ve finally landed on what I believe to be a solution for my current story problem, otherwise known as writer’s block.  What I’ve come to understand is writer’s block, at least in my opinion, is actually when I don’t know what’s supposed to happen next.

But, finally!  I think I have what could work. I’m excited because I’ve been twiddling around with this troublesome area for days.  So, I run a little faster, eager to get back to the keyboard and to move forward with this particular chapter.

And then? I realize something has moved. Something has moved, and I’m practically on it, and I’m in the middle of the street where NOTHING should be moving but me – or a vehicle.

Mr. Red Belly Water Snake

All that rain caused this one’s “cousin” to venture forth to languish in the middle of the road.  He wasn’t small, and in a way that’s funny because how could I MISS an almost four foot snake???  Well, four foot by my estimation because I wasn’t going to, ya know, yank a tape measure out of my running shorts and kneel down on the asphalt and properly size it up.

I stopped running.  Sort of.  Meaning, I kept running in place like one does when you get the heebie jeebies. I couldn’t tell if it was poisonous (it’s not) so I waited for him/her to slither his/her way onto the grass of some neighbor’s yard.  I know.  It’s not as if I was on a narrow trail.  A road’s pretty wide, give it room and move on, right?  Hey, what can I say?  In my writerly head, it could have become twelve feet long.  It could have lunged, (LUNGED!) at me, and the headlines in the local paper would be, “Dunn Woman Attacked By Anaconda.”

It figures I’m doing better at writing THIS story than the one I’m working on.  Anywho, there’s a creek nearby, and I reckon that’s where it was headed. Finally, when I couldn’t see it anymore, I left.  Faster than I’d been going, mind you.

But…that idea I had for my little story problem?  Poof.  Gone.  Since then, I came up with another one, but for the life of me, I sure wish I could remember my original solution.  Maybe if I encounter that snake again, it would scare it back into my memory.

Yeah…um, no thanks.





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